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Direct Primary Care Patient Survey



Dear Valued Patients,


Over the past 20 years I have been honored to provide quality healthcare to you here at Capital Family Practice. It has been the personal relationship I have developed with my patients that is most special to me and I believe is key in delivering superior healthcare.


Unfortunately, this patient-doctor relationship has become severely hindered by government and commercial insurance interference over the same 20 years.  Both these outside forces have been building a barrier between the patient and doctor with unnecessary regulations and administrative burdens which are more focused on their bottom lines than your health.  I have found myself spending many hours dealing with these requirements. Taking time away from actually addressing patients’ needs and from my family.  The later sacrifice became magnified this spring when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I was fortunate that my cancer was detected and treated early.  As many of you know, I was out of the office for a portion of the spring.  I am happy to report that after surgery and recovery I am back at work full time.  This experience has given me time to truly reflect on my personal health, goals and on health care and the delivery of care to my patients.


I became a doctor to serve the patient, not act as an extension of the private and government run insurance industry.  In order for me to continue to practice medicine which is truly dedicated to the patient, it is necessary to change to a new model of delivering healthcare which removes the meddling of a detached third party.


We would love your input on Capital Family Practice becoming a Direct Primary Care (DPC) provider starting January 1, 2018.  This will restore the true patient-doctor relationship.  Capital Family Practice would no longer accept any insurance.  We believe this route will allow us to provide outstanding care to the majority of our patients. Unlike a concierge practice, DPC is more affordable while still providing many of the same benefits of the more expensive concierge model.


Patients would pay a monthly fee which will cover all care provided by Capital Family Practice.  It will be a tiered system.  For $80 a month ($100 per family) the patient will be guaranteed same day appointments with me and 24/7 access via email and telephone when not in the office. I will truly become “your doctor”.  $60 a month ($80 per family) allows same day access to the nurse practitioners along with the same 24/7 access of the first tier.  You will also still be able to make appointments with me but those like now will depend on availability.


As mentioned the monthly fee covers all healthcare provided by Capital Family Practice.  This includes the office visit, procedures, tests and vaccines provided by Capital Family Practice.  A successful DPC practice would allow us to also provide in the future tele-visits and many in house labs currently supplied and billed by outside lab companies.  Direct Primary Care is beneficial and less expensive to many with high deductible plans but more importantly it puts healthcare back in the hands of the patient and provider.  Please read our Direct Primary Care FAQ to answer some of the most common questions you might have and read the article The Doctor Will See You Now but Not Your Insurance  for a more detail explanation of DPC .




Please fill out the survey below to notify us of your opinion concerning the future of Capital Family Practice (Only surveys with verifiable patient names will be counted). I am looking forward to your input.


Wishing you good health,


Kathleen M. Curtis, M.D.



Please be aware that Dr. Curtis will be announcing her decision about whether to become a Direct Primary Care practice at the end of October.  There are many factors Dr. Curtis is weighing besides the positive feedback from the many who have responded favorably to the survey to date. This decision is not an easy one. 

However, if she decides to transition to DPC, membership invitations and contracts will be mailed to those who have expressed interest. The survey will remain here on our homepage until October 15, 2017.  As mentioned earlier membership will be limited and acceptance will be first-come, first-served based on the return receipt date of your signed membership contract.  So, if haven’t done so please take the survey and make your opinion known.





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