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Capital Family Practice of Fairfax is all about Family.....Kids too!

Last week I announced that in the coming weeks we will be adding new features to our web site, including Pediatrics Corner. This page will be dedicated to our littlest patients, newborns, through our young adults, teenagers.  A few days later after reading this announcement one of my patients said to me, "I didn't know you saw kids."  My jaw about hit the floor. I was shocked that she, and possibly many more of our patients, were not aware of the full scope of our practice!  It was then that I realized the need to remind and discuss the importance of family medicine.


As Family Medicine providers we are trained in the full scope of medicine from infant care, pediatric, adolescent, adult to geriatric medicine.  In Family Medicine we enjoy and see the benefit of taking care of the whole family. During the time that I have been practicing I have had the opportunity to take care of up to four generations within one family. I have gotten to know and see children grow, go off to college, get married and have their own children.  This is truly one of the most rewarding aspects of my job.  So, yes!....All of the providers here at Capital Family Practice of Fairfax see kids!


We do routine check ups/physicals, childhood immunizations, same day sick visits, sports physicals, college entrance exams and much more.  We also work closely with the pediatric specialists in the area and can refer for more specialized care when needed. 


If there are multiple family members who have become ill why go to two different offices, one for the kids and one for adults, when everything can be handled by your family physician? 


We would love to see all of you!


Kathleen M. Curtis MD