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Capital Family Practice Goes Direct Primary Care

First I want to say how touched and excited I am by the overwhelming positive response to our survey concerning conversion to a Direct Primary Care practice.  I believe this is the best way for me and all at Capital Family Practice to continue to provide the highest quality and personalized healthcare.  Judging by the survey replies this is also the conclusion of a great many of you.


That being said, on April 1, 2018, Capital Family Practice will join the growing trend of many primary care practitioners and become a Direct Primary Care practice.  We will no longer be bound by the barriers impeding the doctor-patient relationship implemented by the insurance companies.  This is truly exciting.  For the many who have chosen to seek membership, you and your family will have guaranteed access to the next level of health care for less than $3.00 a day.


For those of you who have expressed an interest to pay out of pocket instead of a membership, I highly suggest you make your routine appointments, such as annual physicals, as soon as possible since there will be a limited number of appointments for non-members each day.  A fee schedule of services is available online for your convenience. Payment will be due on day of visit.


To those who chose the membership option on the survey this letter and a membership contract has been mailed to your home address in advance of those who did not. However, there were many of you who responded positively, but did not include your full name on the survery.  For those individuals and families, I have made contracts available online and at our reception desk.  These contracts are also available for patients who did not respond or wish to change their orginal response to the positive.  However, please keep in mind we have had a very strong interest in membership and those patients who expessed initial interest will have their place saved giving them time to return their contract. Contracts will be made available even after all membership slots have been filled in order to create a waiting list.


I am truly excited to continue to care for you with the best personalized health care.


Wishing you in good health,


Kathleen M. Curtis MD