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Recent Bullying Research and Outcomes for Your Child

A recent study in the American Academy of Pediatrics magazinePediatricsshowed that children who are bullied in a persistent manner have worse physical and mental health outcomes than children who've never been bullied or those children for whom bullying has ended.

This study reviewed 4,300 students three times, during the 5th, 7th, and 10th grades. The researcher’s conclusions were that children who were bullied had worse psychosocial and physical quality of life, depression, and self-worth at all three reviewed ages. Chronic bullying led to the worst consequences. Recommendations from the study were to 1) intervene early to prevent ongoing bullying and 2) to also continue to intervene if necessary, even if bullying is not currently active, to address its effects.

Should you be concerned or know that your child is a victim of bullying we want to help your child get the help he or she needs to develop skills and understanding of what has happened to cope with future events. Additionally, depression, anxiety, and self-worth may be future concerns, let us partner with you to find the help your child needs.

Margaret Fritts, FNPC

Graco recalls 3.7 Million car seats over buckle

Car seat manufacturer Graco is recalling 3.7 million child car seats made between 2009 and 2013 over a buckle issue. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that some Graco buckles can be difficult to unlatch or can become stuck when exposed to food or drink. Concerns have been raised about situations in which quick unbuckling is needed, such as in the event of an emergency. For more information see .


Furthermore, we want to remind you that your child should be in a safety seat according to Virginia law (see our Pediatric Wellness tab for more information). 


Margaret Fritts, FNPC