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Statin Use and the Risk of Diabetes

Patients have questioned me about statin therapy and a possible relationship with diabetes. Recent research demonstrates that statin therapy can modestly raise blood sugars and the FDA has made a statement regarding this. Furthermore, patients on statins are more likely to have diabetes than those who are not. However, patients on statins experience significantly fewer cardiovascular events and the increase in glucose that patients experience is relatively small (as is the risk of developing diabetes) when compared to the cardiovascular protection received from the statin use.  

So my thoughts on this matter are this. Yes, statin therapy may increase a patient’s risk of diabetes, especially if he or she is already at risk for diabetes. For the patient who is at risk of developing cardiovascular disease or who already has it, statin therapy can help prevent heart attacks and strokes. They can save lives and improve quality of life.  For further reading I suggest the following article from the American Heart Association