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Spring Allergies, Part 1

It did not take very long after our harsh winter for the allergy season to get into full swing. Seasonal allergies which causes Allergic Rhinnitis, also known as Hay Fever, is brought on by the body's overreaction to allergens. If you are sensitive to spring allergens you are most likely reacting to tree and/or grass pollen and molds.


Symptoms include runny nose, itchy nose, sneezing, dry itchy eyes and throat, sore throat, dry cough, itchy skin and increase congestion. The degree of symptoms may vary depending how sensitive you are to the allergen and how high of an allergen count is in the environment. Symptoms will typically last the duration of the blooming season which is several weeks.


The good news is that Allergic Rhinnitis is treated with a variety of good medications. There are several excellent over the counter (non prescription) anti-histamines including: Claritin, Allegra and Zyrtec. These will reduce sneezing, itching and runny nose symptoms. These work the best if started before symptoms develop, so I usually recommend that my allergy patients start one of these in the last week of Feburary and continue until the blooming has ended. While these products are very helpful, they often do not take care of all of the symptoms. There are additional medications available by prescription that may be safely added to anti-histamine treatment and provide great relief.


So If you are battling with congestion, itchy/dry eyes, cough, sneezing and sore throat, give us a call to schedule an appointment. We prefer to see you earlier in the season and get ahead of the symptoms, so you can breathe easy and enjoy the great outdoors. We have all waited a long time for the nice weather. Let's enjoy it!


Kathleen M. Curtis MD