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Diaper Rash


Diaper rash can have several causes, but typical diaper rash is mostly caused by irritation from localized physical, chemical, or mechanical irritation. Skin exposure to urine and/or stool can result in direct irritation from the difference in pH between the skin and excrement. Diarrhea and increased stooling may add to this. Recent use of antibiotics increases the risk of rash and also a secondary yeast infection. Your first line of defense is a good a barrier which blocks chemical irritants and moisture from contacting the skin; they also minimize friction. Most over-the-counter topical barriers contain petrolatum, zinc oxide or both (examples include Desitin, Triple Paste, A & D Ointment, and Balmex). Avoid using any creams with fragrance, preservatives, or powders.


Preventative steps

  1. Change diapers frequently to help limit skin contact with stool and urine.
  2. During treatment of diaper rash, disposable diapers may be more helpful in keeping urine away from the skin.
  3. For cleaning, try gentle washing with warm water and a soft cloth.  If soaps are used, mild soaps are best (examples Dove or Cetaphil).
  4. Allow the child to go diaper-free which will air the area out.



  • If your child develops a fever (temperature 100.4º).
  • If your child has a bloody stool, a change in the pattern of wet or dirty diapers (eg, constipation, diarrhea, frequent urination, etc).
  • If a rash extends beyond the diaper area, or develops any blisters, boils, discharge, large bumps or nodules.
  • If the rash spreads to any other part of the body.

Also, if any other worrisome signs or symptoms occur, we would want a parent to contact us. If the rash does not improved within a few days your child should be seen.