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Pediatrics Corner

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Care of the Umbilical Cord

Care of the Umbilical Cord


Keep the umbilical cord clean and dry.  If the area becomes dirty, clean it with plain water on a Q-tip.  Umbilical cords dry and eventually fall off within the first week or two of life.  Avoid submerging your baby in a tub bath until this ocurrs and another 24 hours have passed.  Until the cord falls off you should only sponge bathe your baby and keep the diaper folded below the cord, thus avoiding any moisture from the diaper.  A couple drops of blood from the cord maybe seen on the diaper and is considered acceptable. Any more than this and you should call us immediately.  Also, call if any of the following signs of infection occur:


1) Foul-smelling or yellow discharge from the cord


2) Your baby cries or seems uncomfortable if you touch the cord or surrounding area


3) The area around the courd of abdomen is red or swollen