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Bathing your newborn

Bathing your newborn


Most newborns do not require a great deal of bathing, however, when you do, always pick a scent free, hypoallergenic cleanser.  Check your supplies before you start bathing, never leaving the baby unattended in water.  When sponge bathing your newborn, keep her warm and cover any area with a towel that is not currently being washed.


In all baths, pay special attention to the area under the arms, under the neck and the genital area.  Always hold your baby's head up with one hand.  Your baby's hair does not need to be shampooed more than once or twice a week.  Avoid getting any cleansing or moisturizing products in her eyes and wash her from the top down.  Afterwards, pat her skin dry and then liberally moisturize with a scent free product such as Cetaphil while the skin is slightly damp.  This will help prevent dryness, a common problem for babies.